Terms of Use

The Acceptable Use Policy presents the terms between you and us whereby you may visit our website. Acceptable use policies are applied to all registered users, and site visitors.

Your use of our website means that you accept and agree to abide by, all policies of this acceptable use policy, including our terms of use of the website.

Usage is prohibited
You may only use our website for lawful purposes.

You cannot use our website:

In cases of violations of applicable local, national or international laws or regulations.
In cases of unlawful and fraudulent, or with unlawful purpose / influence and fraud.
For the purpose of harming or attempting to harm minors in any way.
Submitting, intentionally receiving, uploading, downloading, using or reusing any material but not complying with our content standards.
Unsolicited, unsolicited transmissions, advertisements or promotional materials or any other similar solicitation (spam).
Intentionally transmit any data, send or upload any material containing viruses, trojans, mail bombs, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware or any other malicious programs or codes similar computers, designed to adversely affect the operation of software or hardware of the computer.

You also agree:

Do not reproduce, duplicate, copy or resell any part of our website, if contrary to the terms of the website.
Unauthorized access is not permitted; Do not obstruct, vandalize or demolish:
any part of the site;
any storage device or network of the site;
any software used to operate the site; or
any device or network or software owned and used by third parties.

Interactive service
We may provide continuous interactive services on our website ("interactive services"). We will provide clear information about the type of service, whether it is censored and what type of censorship is used (including people and technology) where we provide the service. Interactive.

We will make every effort to assess the risks of intermediaries that may occur to users (especially to children) when they use any interactive services on our website. We, on a case-by-case basis, will consider whether censoring related services (including the type of censorship used) is appropriate for potential risks. However, we are under no obligation to monitor, monitor or censor any interactive services provided on our website, and we are not responsible for any loss or damage. which arise from the use of interactive services that are not up to content standards, whether the service is censored or not.

Children need to get parental or guardian consent to use our interactive service. We recommend that parents discuss online security when they allow their children to use interactive services because the censorship process is not that simple. Children need to be aware of the risks they may face when using any interactive service.

Content standards
These quality standards apply to all materials used for our website and for any relevant interactive services.

You need to adhere to the following standards and letters. These standards apply to each component as well as the whole component.

Contribution must:

Correct (if talking about facts)
Sincerely (if stated)
Comply with applicable laws in the UK and any country in which they are enacted.

Contribution not allowed
Contains material that may harm the honor of others.
Contains pornographic, offensive, hateful or provocative material.
Supporting pornography
Support violence
Support racism, gender, religion, nationality, disability, gender or age bias.
Copyright infringement, database rights.
Able to fool people.
Acts of violating any legal obligation to a third party, such as a contractual obligation or a confidentiality obligation.
Launching illegal activities.
Threatening, abusing or invading the privacy of others, or causing nuisance, inconvenience or unnecessary worries.
Ability to harass, annoy, obstruct, panic or disturb others.
Will be used to impersonate any person, or misrepresent your identity or your relationship with any person.
Create a feeling as if the contributions are from us, considering the case without litigation.
Advocate, encourage or support an illegal activity such as (this is an example only) of copyright infringement or computer misuse.

Suspension and Termination
We reserve the right at our sole discretion if you violate the Acceptable Use Policy while using our website. When an infringement occurs, we will take appropriate action.

Failure to comply with this Acceptable Use Policy constitutes a serious breach of the terms of use you are permitted to access on our site, and we may make such decisions as after:

Deprive your right to use the site immediately, temporarily or permanently.
Immediately, temporarily or permanently delete the posts or documents you have uploaded to our site.
Send alert to you.
Proceeding with the proceeding requires that you reimburse all costs based on compensation (including, but not limited to, administrative and legal costs) for the violations.
Other legal actions against you.
Disclose such information to law enforcement agencies if we feel it is appropriate and necessary.
We waive liability for actions taken in response to violations of the Acceptable Use Policy. The responses described in this policy are unlimited, and we may take other actions we deem appropriate.

Change of Acceptable Use Policy
We may amend this Acceptable Use Policy at any time by making a revision at this page. You should check this page at any time for notification of changes we make, as these are legally binding on you. Some of the provisions of this Acceptable Use Policy may also be superseded by the regulations or notices published elsewhere on our website.