About Us

NooDe Group ("EVO") is one of the region's largest communication networks operating in both traditional and digital channels. NooDe operates over 20 companies in the value chain with operations across the globe and a global revenue model with revenue from more than 150 countries and regions. We are on track to build our dominance in the media and related industries.

Our innovative platform is made with you in mind. The user experience is focused on simplicity, so you will be able to backup and access big data quickly and smoothly.

EVO aims to become the leading communication network in the Region. We aim to bridge the technological gap through the easy access to content and information from anywhere in the world through state-of-the-art technology platforms and content partners and platforms. Global.

The amount of unstructured data is growing and it’s becoming a mounting challenge. We solve this with our latest product – BigEVO. BigEVO doesn’t just store documents, photos, videos, images or audio files. Instead, it analyses every file, structuring it in such a way that makes it easy and quick to locate, just like a search engine. But that’s not all, in just a few clicks, you can secure all your files with military-grade encryption. That’s why more than 3 million users across the world count on Zoolz.

Continually developing, challenging the boundaries of technology and developing compelling entertainment content.

Development history
The current NooDe Group is still controlled and controlled by its founding shareholders, who have been close friends to this day. So, if you’re looking for an efficient and innovative way of securing your data, then contact the team at NooDEVO – the intelligent choice for cloud storage.

With a community and a technology and television background, EVO is gradually expanding beyond the globe with the ambition to strongly develop the digital media industry. EVO currently operates in many countries in the region and around the world such as Thailand, Singapore, France and Taiwan in the field of digital media and online advertising business.

The region is currently poised for the explosive growth of its online commerce and advertising business. EVO, with its outstanding achievements along with superior core competencies and modern advertising technology, is prepared to take advantage of this trend and orient itself to becoming another digital unit. especially in the Region in the next few years.